Forums & Events

Forums & Events delivers high quality, independent healthcare conferences in the UK and internationally. We focus on providing the latest research and best clinical practice through presentations by top-level keynote speakers, lively debates, panel discussions, poster presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

Our team has an excellent reputation for seamless and smooth delivery of individually tailored events from conception of an in-depth scientific programme to delivery and post-event evaluation.

As experienced event organisers, we are highly successful at achieving the right tone and balance for our clinical audience ensuring that the core objectives of the event are delivered efficiently whilst offering a wide range of first class social events including sightseeing, entertainment programmes, cultural events as well as banquets and award ceremonies.

We look forward to welcoming you at our events!

Our Philosophy

We have a simple philosophy and this is to provide exceptional services to attendees that will appreciate and recognise that a Conference organised by Forums and Events is a unique experience of learning in a selected environment offering just that little bit more, a high level conference that you will remember as being one of a kind, from start to finish.

It is our aim to facilitate the advancement of medical knowledge by connecting like-minded professionals at conferences and workshops held at venues that create an environment conducive to information exchange, sharing, generating and accelerating the application of new ideas. We aspire to connect members of the medical scientific community through conferences and workshops with a view to the sharing of cutting edge research with a collaborative approach to scientific learning.

With a focus on areas where there is a strong need-to-know, it is our aim to develop comprehensive programs with leading expert speakers with solid topic knowledge.

The format and site location of each conference is selected with a view to attracting participants that will most benefit from the particular topic.

Forward looking and future focused we continually strive to play a major role in the sharing and the cultivation of new developments and ideas in the medical field.